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Where do we find lactose?

Milk is the only natural source of lactose in all forms, followed by milk products, such as cheese, yoghurts, cottage cheese, cream, butter, puddings, ice-creams, ice lollies, etc. The lactose content in those foods usually varies, but it is useful to know that best tolerated are the products that have undergone a fermentation process, such as yoghurt and some kinds of cheese.

Persons with a low lactose intolerance threshold, however, should carefully read labels on products because lactose is also added to finished products, such as:

  • bakery products, cereals, pizza
  • meat spreads, dressings, instant soups
  • margarines
  • confectionery and chocolates


It is also important to notice medical drug packaging leaflets, since about 20 % of them contain lactose.